Nutra-Choice, LLC provides the services of Iridology, Herbology and Nutritional Counseling

Iridology is the analysis of the iris, which is the colorful area of the eye that surrounds the pupil. By analyzing the iris, a person's level of health and specific areas of nutritional deficiency can be identified. This allows for appropriate remedies and recommendations.

The eyes are much more than the windows of the soul. They are maps of our entire physical body.  The science of  Iridology reveals Nature's way of explaining our strengths and/or weaknesses and shows what can result from incorrect living habits.  By looking at the iris under slight non-invasive magnification, the topography displays an unusual imagery of lines, dots, spots and configurations that are often unnoticed by the naked eye.  Visibly, these patterns can appear quite colorful.  However, these deviations from the normal blue, brown or gray eye colors are anomalies.  Toxins, heavy metals, etc. may appear as theoretically picturesque but can be indicators of the  leading causes of nutritional imbalance.

Vibrant health can be attained and maintained through proper nutrition and Iridology is one of the more sound methods of improving the body's homeostasis.  It is an holistic neo-science that founded its roots in Europe and gradually expanded to the U.S

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